Hitting Weekly Targets

By achieving your weekly targets, you get rewarded by being able to leave at 17:30 on a Friday. Letting you start your weekend early, whilst still being paid!


Give us notice beforehand & you will be able to have your birthday off work... Paid!

Monthly Awards

Working hard doesn't go unnoticed. A the end of each month team awards are given out, which can include champagne or lovely bonuses to your paycheque.


During each month, mid-way through, your team leader will give you personal feedback. This feedback enables you to know what you are doing well and what can be improved - Allowing you to become an expert at what you do!

Ask us questions

Our doors and desks are always open to any questions or concerns you have within your job role. Do not be afraid to ask more questions, if this makes you feel comfortable in your work, then we encourage you to ask many as you like!

20 Days Holiday

Besides bank holidays, you can book up to 4 weeks off work within a working year. Giving the minimum of 2 weeks notice to have it approved and signed off.

Pension Jobs - Pension Managing Careers

We are always looking for bubbly personalities and people who are eager to learn and try something new. Since being established in 2016, we are always finding ways to improve our services as well as looking after our team and enabling them to work to the best of their ability.

Here at Pension Partner we offer a very competitive salary in addition to many bonuses to our staff.

If you're interested in joining our

ever-growing team send your CV & cover letter to info@pensionpartner.co.uk

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Pension Partner does not provide advice other than recommending our free non-obligatory service. We partner with fully regulated and authorised financial services consultancies throughout the UK & overseas who can provide our clients with the appropriate financial planning should they require it.​ 

Pension Partner is incorporated and registered in England & Wales under company registration number 11935286