How Our Pension Tracing Service Works

Letter of Authority

All you need to do is complete a Letter of Authority for each pension that needs to be tracked down.


Upon filling out this form you will be assigned a Pension Detective who will be in charge of tracing your pension(s).


The form contains some very basic details and will give your Pension Detective permission to get in touch with your schemes.

Tracking it down

Your Pension Detective will then begin the search for your misplaced pensions.


Once we've located and rounded up your pensions we will request an up to date valuation from each provider in order to provide a clear picture of your current retirement position.

The choice is yours

We will then get back in contact with you to give you the full breakdown of our search and explain each valuation.


What you choose to do with that information is completely up to you.


We work with financial advisors up and down the country. If you were interested in receiving further assistance we would pass on your details (with your permission of course) and they would pay us a fee for our introduction; however, this is not always the case, as you may just want to use our service to see where you stand.

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Pension Partner does not provide advice other than recommending our free non-obligatory service. We partner with fully regulated and authorised financial services consultancies throughout the UK & overseas who can provide our clients with the appropriate financial planning should they require it.​ 

Pension Partner is incorporated and registered in England & Wales under company registration number 11935286