What exactly does Pension Partner do?

Pension Partner provides a track and trace service for people who have lost touch with their old frozen pensions. Perhaps you’ve moved address and are no longer receiving statements, or maybe your original provider has been acquired by a new administrator and you’re struggling to find your policy.

Regardless of your circumstances, we can help, free of charge, without any obligation to make any changes to your current arrangement.

How do we get started?

The first step is to complete a letter of authority, giving us permission to communicate with your pension providers and request up-to-date statements.

This can be done by speaking with a member of our customer service team who can pre-populate and email the form to you for an electronic signature.

Is this a time-consuming process?

Tracing old pensions can be very frustrating and time-consuming. If you no longer receive statements and your provider has changed hands multiple times, you might not know where to start. Our experienced admin team will take care of the entire process for you.

Completing a blank letter of authority will take no longer than a couple of minutes, but you can save even more time and hassle by allowing one of our customer service team to pre-populate the forms for you.

What do you do with my data?

The information you provide, along with the permission given, is used strictly to trace your old pension schemes and get you back on track. The letter does not give us permission to make any changes to your pension. Please refer to the letter of authority:

“This letter does not authorise the release of the policyholder’s pension fund. This is purely information related and for review purposes only”

Will anything come out of my pension?

No. Our service is completely free of charge and we have no authority to access your pension fund or make any changes to your pension. Please refer to the letter of authority:

“This letter does not authorise the release of the policyholder’s pension fund. This is purely information related and for review purposes only”

Are there any costs?

Our services are completely free of charge. There are no upfront costs and no hidden charges. There is no obligation to further use our service once receiving your values.

Pensions Explained

What is a pension?

A pension is a savings plan designed to help people build up an income that will support them when they no longer want or are able to work. A pension can be provided by the state, an employer or even be self-funded.

What is a defined benefit pension?

Also known as final salary, defined benefit pensions provide their members with an annual income which is calculated based on length of service and final year's salary.

Can I cash in my pension?

Since April 2015, members of pension schemes have been given the flexibility to draw as much of their pension as they wish from age 55. The first 25% received will be tax free, and the remaining 75% will be subject to income tax. Members who wish to access over 25% of their pension at age 55 should seek advice before making any decisions.

Is getting advice necessary?

Making changes to your pension arrangement will have an effect on your retirement and therefore it is always a sensible idea to get professional advice before making any decisions. Getting financial advice can often be free, but it is important to do your homework and ensure that the consultant you deal with has the correct regulation, qualifications and permissions to advise on your specific circumstances.

If you wish to transfer out of a defined benefit pension scheme which is valued at over £30,000, the trustees of your pension scheme will need proof that you have received advice from a regulated financial adviser who has the correct permissions to advise on final salary pension transfers.

I have worked for different companies over the years, how can I track down any pensions I might have?

If you have any old policy information for any of these pension schemes you will have been provided with contact numbers for the administrators who will be able to handle your enquiry. If you do not have such information, you may need some assistance.

Pension Partner offers a free, non-obligatory track and trace pension service and would be delighted to help. You will need to complete one letter of authority for each pension you have. Simply complete and sign the form providing us with the name of the company you worked for and we’ll do the rest.

Is it possible to transfer a state pension to a private pension?

No. State or government pensions are not flexible or transferable.

How We Find Your Pensions

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Pension Partner does not provide advice other than recommending our free non-obligatory service. We partner with fully regulated and authorised financial services consultancies throughout the UK & overseas who can provide our clients with the appropriate financial planning should they require it.​ 

Pension Partner is incorporated and registered in England & Wales under company registration number 11935286