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The Pensions Dashboard now pushed back to 2023!!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

The Pensions Dashboard, touted by the government to provide users with an overview of all their pensions in one place, has been delayed by 3 years...


The project’s delivery group, The Pensions Dashboards Programme, released a statement on the 28th October revealing that lack of data was the primary cause behind the delay. It further went on to say that their next deadline would be late 2023.

The government’s original announcement regarding the Dashboard came 4 years ago, in 2016. This was made with a view to having the Dashboard designed, built and implemented by 2019, with the ultimate goal of improving retirement planning.

However, with so many pension schemes, outdated systems, and types of pensions, collating such data is proving to be harder than initially thought, and the complexity has proven an extremely tough challenge.

We here at Pension Partner specialize in tracking down our clients’ lost and frozen pensions, with most cases taking between just 2-4 weeks - so instead of waiting for 2023 to get on top of your finances, why not get in touch with us today and let us do all the work? We’ll help you understand exactly what you have and if you’re on the right track for retirement.

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